Templar Bicycle Patrol consists of, but not limited to:

1. Patrolling highly congested shopping areas to enhance crime prevention and Community
Relations initiatives, as well as, provide enforcement when necessary.

2. Patrolling parks and playgrounds, controlling loitering, enforcement of State Law and City
Ordinance, especially as they pertain to parks and affording minimal response time.

3. Patrolling-parking areas, special events, ballgames, fairs, etc.

4. Off road or other terrain search and rescue, unsuited for conventional patrol units.

5. Aggressive drug detection in parks, recreational and residential areas.

6. On occasion, Bicycle Patrol Officers may be assigned to marked patrol car duty. Example:
Weather, manpower shortages, equipment failure or other emergency situations.

7. Establish and maintain quality relationships with local merchants, vendors, pedestrians, transient
population and fellow employees under potentially stressful conditions.

8. Follow directions, make decisions and solve problems with a strong desire to continually learn and improve.
Work to deter streets and alley activity including suspicious criminal activity, and loitering.

A quick-thinker with solid judgment, a successful Patrol Officer maintains composure and decision-making
skills in high-stress situations. They are strong communicators who enjoy interacting with and protecting the
public. Above all, they are ethical citizens, who place great value in upholding the law.
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