Knights Templar is responsible for providing safety and security services to students,
faculty, staff, and visitors at a Church. Templar is also expected to identify and
evaluate security issues and to provide quality solutions in order to maintain a safe and secure
environment. Provides security for the church and its property

Templar Duties:

• Monitor entering and departing employees, visitors, and other persons between drop-off and pickup.

• Call police or fire departments in cases of emergency, such as fire or presence of unauthorized persons.

• Provides security for church events in Sanctuary and other areas as instructed.

Responsibilities and expectations:

•Maintain a presence at the front door and screen visitors before they enter the church.

•Respond to all calls for service and emergencies throughout the church.

•Maintain a professional attitude towards The Church community and its guests.

•Keep current in the field; have strong working knowledge of pertinent law and stay abreast of
developments in the law enforcement community.

•Make physical tours inside and outside of buildings, facilities, and church grounds to make sure the
church is safe and secure. Tours are scheduled around arrival, dismissal, and special events.

•Report Church incidents and crimes.

•Comply with all policies, procedures, general orders, and instructions.

•Complete all required reports.

•Perform all other related tasks and duties as assigned.

Tips to Tighten Church Security

1.  Have a Church Security Plan

Planning is one of the most important first steps you can take to tighten church security.

2. Develop Church Security Ministry Team

3. Church Global Security Training

4. Controlled Hours of Operation
Make sure your church buildings have designated public hours of operation times and that someone is in the building anytime the
doors are unlocked.

5. Keyed Entrances
Church campus buildings are used by so many different people that it is sometimes difficult to control who is entering a building
and who has keys to the building.

Volunteers sometimes end up with building keys and may leave and forget to lock the door behind them.

Make sure all doors have a keyed or swipe card entrance that locks automatically when closing.  Change the locks on doors that
unlock automatically with a key.

6. Lock-down Procedures
Develop lock-down procedures, especially in children’s areas.  Determine the best approach to protecting church members in the
event of a threatening or unsafe situation.

7. Communicate with Members
Have a church communication plan in place to make church members aware of new security measures.

Make these communications public so that if there is anyone sitting among the flock, who intends to do harm, they are made
aware that lots of eyes are watching them.
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