KNIGHTS TEMPLAR INVESTIGATION PROTECTIVE AGENCY is a full Service Investigations & Security Officer Company. Our Company
provides Professional Armed /Unarmed Security Services and Discreet Investigation Services to the San Antonio Texas Region. We are proud to be
your full service licensed, and bonded Private Investigations & Security agency. We work from Law Enforcement investigative experience and
training, not from book learning alone. Our pride is customer service, honesty and integrity. We pride ourselves as being a pro-active and professional
security provider. We are committed to excellence in management, training and staffing that almost always exceeds our clients expectations and
satisfaction. We take the clients problems very seriously, so we do not make promises we can not keep. You get service at a fair price with
professionalism. We strongly adhere to the concept of "Extra Effort" above and beyond the norm to ensure that we never compromise our quality of

Knights Templar was built to provide quality Security Officers and Investigation Services for Residents of the City of San Antonio Texas. Our service
over the years has been based on total client satisfaction. All of our security officers, supervisors, and management team are continuously trained and
instructed to provide a level of service that rises above the competition. Our company philosophy accounts for the reason why so many companies and
corporations are using Nights Templar for their security service needs. If you're looking for a level of service above the ordinary, then contact Knights
Templar and experience our Knowledge of State of Texas Laws and our capabilities of handling any assigned task.

Supervisors are in the field 24 hours per-day and 7 days per-week

Knights Templar Owner believes in the highest level of supervision for its employee's. Supervisors are available to assist officers with any and all
occurrences, day or night. Continuous field supervision occurs during all shifts. Supervisors are able to respond to most any location in usually 10
minutes or less. Clients can rest assured that the most important decisions regarding their properties security will be made by trained and certified

Hands on ownership and management team

Knights Templar ownership and management team believe in providing each and every valued client with a direct hand's on approach. This ensures
that the quality of service being provided at each and every client location exceeds expectations. Each and every valued client has access to our
management team 24 hours per-day and 7 days per-week to discuss any security related concern or question that may arise. Knights Templar
ownership and management team have extensive Law Enforcement experience with approximately 40 years combined experience.

Nights Templar officers are experts in working with the public

Nights Templar officers have very strong "people" skills. We consider our employees to be public relations experts. As a front line representative of
any client property it is imperative that our officers not only look professional, but also conduct themselves in a professional demeanor that best
reflects and suits the needs of our Clients.

Knights Templar is a licensed and Insured in the State of Texas.

Knights Templar is licensed by the State of Texas  - Bureau of Security And Investigative Services to provide Security Officer and Investigative
Services. The principals involved in the company have passed an extensive state background screening and comprehensive written examination
regarding laws, procedures, and ethics in the operation of a security company.

Our liability insurance exceeds State limits.

Knights Templar is liability insured for up to $1,000,000 in the unlikely event of negligence or malpractice by our employees or company.
Furthermore, Knights Templar has a comprehensive "umbrella policy" which provides additional coverage to our General Liability, Worker's
Compensation, and Automobile insurance policies. Knights Templar believes in and provides a comprehensive employee training program to limit and
eliminate and undue liability or claims.

Our workman's compensation insurance Exceeds state limits.

Knights Templar has a full $3,000,000 workman"s compensation insurance policy to protect our employees from injuries that may arise while in the
scope of their duties. Knights Templar believes in providing a safe workplace for each and every employee. We have instituted several workplace
educational programs to help reduce the risk of injury to our employees.
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