Off-duty Police Officers for assignments requiring police expertise

Essential Job Functions

Provide excellent customer service to the client, its associates and facilities personnel

Patrol assigned post on foot or mobile vehicle to maintain visibility and observe possible unusual activity

Investigate and report maintenance and safety conditions which might endanger client, its associates or public safety, including fires, evacuations,
hazardous situations, or other

facility related events; provide back up to client personnel as needed

Ensure that daily administrative documentation is kept concise and complete at all times; maintain all daily assigned equipment in functional and
presentable condition

Respond to all requests for assistance relayed by Supervisor or client; complete various company or client assignments as required; submit reports to
superior officer

Investigate security related accidents/incidents, interview witnesses, complaints, and victims; responsible for gathering physical evidence and preserving it
for future use; complete report and follow up with management as needed

Responsible for ensuring that all employees, suppliers, and visitors on company property have proper company issued identification

Ensure that the client, its associates, and facility personnel are provided with a safe and professional work environment

Responsibilities include crowd control and assisting Police Department/Fire Department/EMS or other officials during these processes; maintain control at
traffic accidents, assist victims, and investigate causes.

A police officer in uniform will demand more respect from the general public than that of a security guard. A police officer standing at the door of a store or
outside a club puts the patrons and criminals on notice that the law and government authority is close at hand. It is impossible to quantify the number of
crimes that do not occur because a police officer is present at a particular location, but there are a number of example that support the notion.

The most effective crime deterrent is a visible police presence. If a crime occurs, police officers are already on the scene and can take immediate action for
your protection. Off duty police officers are used for various types of security.

Our off duty law enforcement officers are trained professionals comprised of off duty police officers, retired police officers, as well as military personnel. We
provide services in corporate, private, and governmental security venues. Our officers, law enforcement training and experience distinguish AGS from your
typical security guard company.

Off Duty Police Officers

The safety of executives and protecting corporate events are high profile responsibilities. They require a superior level of security to ensure peace of mind.
Maintaining active police officers on our Off Duty Police Officer Team delivers that level of security with off duty police protecting executives, key
personnel, corporate functions and events. We provide executive protection security in transit, at home, office and at event locations. Our off duty law
enforcement personnel are armed, have powers of arrest.
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