Restaurants/ Fast Food Establishments

The Restaurant TEMPLAR is responsible for pro-actively monitoring guests, staff, and property to ensure the
safety and prevent possible conflicts from arising.  If faced with such conflicts, Restaurant Security will follow
procedures for the resolution of the conflict.   

Ensure that the safety of guests, staff, and Restaurant property.

Have a good comprehension of Restaurant regulations and rules.  

Remain alert in order to pro-actively stop a conflict before it escalates.  

Have knowledge of federal, state, and local policies for alcohol service and consumption.

Be aware of signs that may lead to conflict or other issues.  

Understand emergency security procedures for the Restaurant.  

Use tact when alerting guests of a violation of Restaurant policies.  

Follow instructions from management staff or any designee of management staff.

Accurately checking identification for authenticity and for compliance with Federal and State laws for alcohol

Work in a team and independently when required.

Any other duties that may be assigned.

For the vast majority of foodservice businesses, security guards are not needed. However, bouncers are great
additions to restaurant security systems for certain businesses, like those that serve alcohol and stay open late.

Prevent Violence - A well-trained bar bouncer (who should provide certifications when they're interviewed) can keep
your employees, customers, and business safe by quickly defusing a violent situation. You can never overvalue the
safety that bar bouncers provide.
Monitor Surveillance - Your bouncer (or team of bouncers) can also work in conjunction with your restaurant
security cameras. If they're not watching the door or the crowds on the floor, bouncers can check out any CCTV
feeds or perform a simple courtesy check of your business's premises. For maximum safety, you can team your
bouncers into pairs or groups to drastically reduce the chances that they'll be hurt while they're on the job.
Escort Individuals - Bouncers can also double as escorts for your other employees toward the end of the evening,
walking the last few servers, cooks, or bartenders to their cars to make sure they can get home safely. A great
bouncer can even go the extra mile for customers in bars by waiting with patrons after they've called a cab or a
ride home. Offering that kind of security to your customers can also help improve your reputation in your local
community as a safe and trustworthy place.

If your business doesn't use bouncers, you can at least have your employees open and close shop in pairs. The
extra safety that just one more person provides can be invaluable, as targets of mugging, assault, and other crimes
are often caught alone. Whether it's early morning or late at night, scheduling employees in pairs is always a good