Undercover plain clothes security

Plain Clothes Templars May Be Used at A Variety of Locations
Retail Stores

Templar agents may be used to blend in with other shoppers or customers to help better identify shoplifters, problems with employees, or other security breaches.


Templar agents may be used to break up employees theft rings in warehouse and retail outlets. The agent can go undercover and identify, report, and stop the security problem.

Office Buildings

Templar agents may be used to provide an extremely professional look to blend in with a corporate office structure. The officer could wear a suit, and therefore not draw attention to him/her so that
security precautions can be taken and be more effective. Loss prevention at office buildings may also be combined with executive protection.

Deciding on whether to hire an undercover Templar instead of a uniformed Templar may seem obvious and easy, but you need to consider all the options carefully before deciding on one or the other.
Both can be extremely useful for different occasions, so make sure which one it is you need. The first thing to ask yourself is; do you want to have other people know they are being watched by
security guards or not?

Uniformed Templar

Uniformed Templars act as a deterrent because the public can instantly identify them as persons of power. They can be particularly useful in emergency situations, when the public can go straight to
them for help. Usually if it is a small firm having a one off event, uniformed security will do the job perfectly.

Undercover Templars

This option also has its pros, and when used at the right time can work superbly. Undercover security can catch people unexpectedly and gain peoples trust by not having a uniform to give their
identity away. Larger organizations will definitely benefit from hiring multiple undercover security guards so as to size up the situation at hand.

Hiring Both

Another option is to hire both of the above. This could be helpful in the case of a larger event or even day to day business. The problem maker might see the uniformed guard and be slightly
deterred but still try cause trouble out of their view. This is where the undercover Templar comes in useful. Shops where shoplifting is a problem often like to hire both. In order to do this, make
sure that both undercover and uniformed security are professionally trained to work together to catch whoever it is that is causing trouble.

Interchanging Security Guards
There is yet another option, the latter being to interchange between uniformed and undercover Templar. This may seem strange, but in fact can come in useful when trying to deter more the organized
criminals. Trying to plan a break in or shoplifting stint is a lot more difficult if there is no permanent security guard. It will probably seem too risky, thus deterring the criminals completely.

Reasons for hiring Templars can be vast and many, but whichever route you take needs to be thought through properly first. What exactly will their job entail? Who will be attending the event at
which the Templars are needed? How many people will there be? You also need to decide how many Templars to hire, and most often this can be concluded from how many people will be at the
event and also what kind of event it will be. A football game is for example a very different event to a fundraising get together, and therefore it becomes of great importance to think carefully about
all of these factors.

Inter State Security Corp have both uniformed and undercover security guards for hire, making us a good place to look when on the hunt for someone reliable. Our security agents have been trained
to work together and make a good professional team, together being able to stop any troublemaker.
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