Uniformed Armed/Unarmed Security Officers

Armed Security Officers and carry a firearm with them while on duty, He/She must first complete additional hours of
training that specializes in firearm handling and safety. When they complete the training, they will be given a card that
allows them to legally carry a firearm while on duty.

The training programs they encounter to be an armed security Officer vary from state to state, as well as the number of
hours required during that training, but all involve a rigorous, multi-point background check to make sure they are
qualified to carry a firearm.

Officers who are Armed Security Officers must be Registered as Commissioned Security Officers through the State
Department of Public Safety or Bureau of Security.

Armed Officers Duties:

Enforces procedural rules and regulations. Ensures the personal safety of staff, visitors, and property. Maintains
security and safety for assigned area. Maintains working knowledge of the locations of various departments, buildings,
access routes and admitting requirements.

May operate and monitor security control panels alarms, and related security equipment to provide area and visitor

Patrols assigned area including garages and other parking areas. Checks for suspicious occurrences, and enforces
parking rules and regulations.

Responds to and investigates situations reported to Control Rooms. Calls Police or other authorities to investigate
suspicious activities or security violations that require intervention.

Checks vehicles in Mall, Apartment Complexes and private parking lots for authorized parking sticker. Issues parking
violation warnings, and tags and requests towing when necessary.

Checks ID cards of persons entering the facility. Refuses to admit persons who cannot show either proper authorization
or cause for being admitted. Provides information and directions. Explains rules and regulations.

Opens and closes facility, ensuring that users have left the premises. Reports security and general maintenance
problems to the proper authorities.

Collects and transports money, and handles small amounts of cash transactions when necessary. May be responsible for

Maintains logs and records of occurrences, completes necessary paperwork, and may use computer terminal to input and
retrieve data.
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